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I am both excited and pleased to share with you that I am about to launch my first Kickstarter Campaign! This will help fund the publication of The UnderRealms: Book Three of The Djed Chronicles as well as allow me to create exclusive book swag for those who back this project! It launches on Jan. 17th at 11am EST and ends on Feb. 16th at 4pm EST.

If you have not read any of the series, then this is the perfect time to start! 

The UnderRealms

(The Djed Chronicles Book Three)

New Releases



TGS Vol 8 ebook cover.jpg

The Guardian's Speaker Volume Eight

(The Guardian's Speaker Series)

Can a single discovery defeat despair?

An endless winter has buried the nine worlds in snow. Mutinous members of the dying village have abandoned their mission and stolen the last of the dwindling supplies. The few people that remain are left to freeze or starve in the merciless weather. They should have never left Midgard.

In desperation, Líf’s family and friends venture into the bitter cold seeking any source of nourishment, any form of sustenance. But their prayers are unanswered; the gods remain silent. The truth confronting them is the rapid approach of their own demise. That is, until Líf stumbles upon something extraordinary

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Newest Audiobook Release:
The Guardian's Speaker Volume Three


George Blagden, English stage and film actor who played Athelstan in the television series Vikings, narrates The Guardian's Speaker: Volume Three.

The Guardian's Speaker
Volume One Trailer

Latest Books



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The Guardian's Speaker Volume Seven

(The Guardian's Speaker Series)

When pushed to the breaking point, humans can become monsters…

Banished from their homeland, attacked by beings beyond the world of man, mourning the loss of companions and loved ones, the dwindling crew must now confront the wrath of nature. Summer never came. Spring and autumn are mere memories. Winter continues to ravish the nine realms, and an endless season of bitter cold has trapped them in a land far from Midgard.

Líf and those she loves are starving. Their quest to save humanity may yet cost them their lives. Where are the gods? Why have they not answered her prayers? As a blizzard screams around the travelers, burying them in a tomb of snow, a new threat arises. A gnawing doubt takes hold: Have they failed?

fiv89kew (11).jpg

The Guardian's Speaker Volume Six

(The Guardian's Speaker Series)


Threats come in many forms. Sometimes, they are unforeseen…


Ever since Líf freed the slave, her life has been in peril. Now, an unknown world awaits the young woman and her family. Other realms have harbored vile creatures, vengeful giants, and vicious elves who have baited, tracked, and pursued the small band of survivors like animals for slaughter. Many on this wretched odyssey have been killed, others wounded; all are exhausted. Have the gods forsaken them?


Is this journey worth the unceasing dangers that they have faced and those yet to come? It must be so. Failure would dishonor the Lothbranson name forever, but that would pale against the demise of all humankind. Líf continues to persevere. She refuses to give up. Whatever horrors this world might reveal, she will face them alongside her siblings. The Norns be with them…

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"A fast-paced novel complete with compelling imagery that forms the backdrop for an iconic struggle involving mythical themes. Can't wait for Wibell's sequel!"

—  Issaura's Claws

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Guardians speaker vol 1 kindle cover dra
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TGS Vol 8 ebook cover.jpg

Stay tuned: New works are coming in the near future.



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