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The Guardian's Speaker

Volume Ten

A subterranean realm. Creatures of the Dark. Traps that lay in wait.

Líf and the small band of survivors have fled the surface world and entered a vast realm of labyrinthine tunnels and darkened corridors. There is no time to mourn their losses. To gain the object they seek, they must complete a formidable task set by the dwarven king. Their safety is far from guaranteed.

With the odds against them, the dwarves offer little assistance, and the fate of humanity rests on the weary shoulders of a handful of humans and a few begrudging elves. Now an alternative route must be found through blackened caverns and dead cities where those that hunt them lurk in the gloom.

Yet in absolute darkness, they are completely blind.

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Newest Audiobook Release:
The Guardian's Speaker Omnibus Volumes 1-4


The magnificent George Blagden narrates The Guardian's Speaker Omnibus Volumes 1-4 bringing this Viking, dark fantasy to life!

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Upcoming Augmented Reality Game:
Based off The Djed Chronicles Book Series


Explore new worlds. Attempt Mini-Quests. Become a Hero. 

Learn more about this AR game today!

Latest Books



Vol 9 eBook cover.jpg

The Guardian's Speaker Volume  Nine

(The Guardian's Speaker Series)


To seek answers, more blood must spill.


Three years have passed since Líf’s family and friends left Midgard, the world of mankind, and journeyed through realms filled with danger and despair. Many have been lost along the way. Yet the survivors still cling to the hope that their mission will succeed, for failure will doom all humanity.


Now that the bitter winter that held them captive has abated, a tentative alliance has been formed between man and elf. Together, they venture to far off lands whose native races lie in wait to destroy them. Fate controls all. Where will Líf’s destiny take her?

The UnderRealms ebook.jpg

The UnderRealms

(Book Three of The Djed Chronicles)

A spreading curse. Dark deeds. Secrets begetting secrets.


When fifteen-year-old Katie last left the magicked worlds for Earth, she did so despite knowing that her two worst adversaries had formed an alliance. Although there had been no choice if she hoped to see her family again, the passage of time has given rise to far-reaching problems.


What plots have been devised by the foes who adamantly oppose her role as Djed, the prophesied savior of the universe? Can she rally the undecided populace on the twelve planets and secure allies before the impending war? And where are those who serve as advisors and mentors; why aren’t they here?


Under the surface of these obstacles, an undercurrent of evil is stirring. The path set before Katie is choked with lies and deceit. Worse, someone is stalking her wherever she travels. Can she successfully navigate her role as Djed, or will she lose her way and choose a path that leads to far darker outcomes.


"A fast-paced novel complete with compelling imagery that forms the backdrop for an iconic struggle involving mythical themes. Can't wait for Wibell's sequel!"

—  Issaura's Claws

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Stay tuned: New works are coming in the near future.

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