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The Guardian's Speaker:

Volume Three

A bounty was on her head.

Líf had been unable to stop the sentence of full outlawry that was now imposed upon her and her entire family. They escaped their enemy’s grasp only by sailing away once again, although this time, it was to the very outskirts of Midgard, the world of man. They were compelled to continue their quest no matter what the cost.

Líf had set free the slave, Brasir, forcing his owners to give chase and threaten their very lives. Misfortune had clung to her since birth, for she had the ability to see and speak with everyone’s animal-shaped guardian spirits—an attribute that drew more skepticism than belief. Yet Brasir claimed he shared a similar gift—one which currently steered their longship further north to speak with the seeress whom they prayed had answers.

The only way their sentence would be revoked was to prove that Brasir spoke the truth. Unfortunately, his assertion was far more dire.

If their world was truly in peril, could one man stop calamity? Or was this endeavor doomed from the start?

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The Guardian's Speaker Volume Two

(The Guardian's Speaker Series)

Líf’s world was on fire. Literally.

Since birth, she could see each person’s guardian spirit. Whether gifted or cursed, Líf was viewed as an outsider, an oddity, and perhaps even mad. She had thought that she was the only one with such an unexplainable ability until she met Brasir, a slave unlike any ever captured during the summer raids. He warned that a plague was destroying their race and swore that he could stop it because he was able to see what others could not.

When Líf freed Brasir, who had been claimed by a powerful jarl, her family was forced to flee the only home they had ever known. As flames consumed their longhouse, Líf, Brasir, and her kin sailed away on their dragon-headed ship. Her siblings placed their trust in Líf and did not look back. Still, Líf asked herself, did Brasir’s words hold the truth or were they simply ash layered upon scorched earth?

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The Guardian's Speaker Volume One

(The Guardian's Speaker series)


Some call it gift. Others, curse.


For Líf, her ability to see each person’s guardian spirit had always been a double-edged sword. She hated drawing attention to herself, especially by those who thought her mad, and yearned for a quiet life. Her greatest fear was that her siblings might not return from the summer raids. Being at sea terrified her—the surging waves, the rolling motion of a longship, the murky depths below—and yet her society flourished from the wealth brought from war and water.

Líf trusted the gods. She understood all choices were preordained. Her fate was sealed, one that linked her to the animal spirits she so loved. Then a man with flesh of a different color upended her life and her world. He brought with him the warning of an invisible plague that would destroy their race and claimed that he was the only person who could prevent it, for like Líf, he also had an unexplainable gift.

The problem was that he was a slave. And he was not hers to free…


"A fast-paced novel complete with compelling imagery that forms the backdrop for an iconic struggle involving mythical themes. Can't wait for Wibell's sequel!"

—  Issaura's Claws

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