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The Heart of Cintamani ebook.jpg

The Heart of Cintamani

(Book Four of  The Djed Chronicles)

A Multiverse-Ending Artifact. Gladiatorial Monster Combat. Plans of War.

Sixteen-year-old Katie, having returned to the magicked worlds from Earth, is thrust into a dire situation. The enemy is believed to be in possession of a potentially catastrophic weapon. As Djed, the prophesied savior, Katie embarks on a relentless quest to uncover the looming threat. However, every avenue she explores leads to frustrating dead ends, and even those she considered to be her friends have disappeared or turned their backs on her.

Amidst these turbulent times, sinister events unfold. A mysterious tournament emerges as her only lead, yet ominous warnings surround any attempts to delve deeper. Various realms conspire to instigate upheavals, challenging the established order. Throughout this chaos, Katie grapples with doubts about her legitimacy as Djed. If she is not the true savior, what consequences might her actions unleash? Will the mysteries be unraveled and balance restored, or will the magical multiverse be destroyed?

The Djed Chronicles follows Katie over her teenage years as she confronts dark forces and discovers that the right choices are not always apparent and wrong choices can have deadly consequences.

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The Vargarian Sire audiobook.png

New Audiobook Release:
The Vargarian Sire


The wonderful Blanca Frappier narrates The Vargarian Sire: Book Two of The Djed Chronicles bringing this young adult, epic fantasy to life!

New Audiobook Release:
Issaura's Claws


Issaura's Claws: Book One of The Incarn Saga had recently released as an audiobook that is now available through both Audible and my website's bookshop. This new adult, dark fantasy has a full voice cast along with sound effect and music. It is sure to entertain listeners of all sorts! 

Issaura's Claws acx.jpg

Upcoming Augmented Reality Game:
Based off The Djed Chronicles Book Series


Explore new worlds. Attempt Mini-Quests. Become a Hero. 

Learn more about this AR game today!

Latest Books



fiv89kew (15).jpg

The Guardian's Speaker Volume  Thirteen

(The Guardian's Speaker Series)


Their long-sought answer awaits them in the realm of the dead…

Surely, for the four Midgardian survivors, their journey must be nearing its end. However, to reach their final destination, they must traverse uncharted realms—worlds shrouded in flames and cloaked in ice—where unimaginable monstrosities dwell amidst brimstone and glaciers.

Líf has grown desperate. Her sister is dying from a grievous wound, and the man she loves no longer recognizes her. Guided by haunting visions, she presses forward, relentlessly pursuing elusive answers. Yet, can they endure the formidable trials that stand between them and their supposed destiny?

TGS V12 eBook fiv89kew (14).jpg

The Guardian's Speaker Volume Twelve

(The Guardian's Speaker Series)

When the dead won’t remain dead, their past is just as threatening as their future…


The remaining Midgardians, tragically few in number, have fled the unrelenting elven war only to reenter the realm of the giants. Their physical strain is matched by the dread of what lies ahead. For Líf, this leg of their journey bears a somber weight. Too many dead have been left behind, their souls denied the proper ceremonies to help guide them to the afterlife.


Delivering their dwarven-wrought offering to Mímir's well demands everything they have left— their hopes, dreams, and very lives. Yet, if this is the price to safeguard humanity from destruction, it is a price they are willing to pay. However, a malevolent presence follows them, threatening their quest. The race to the well intensifies. Do they possess the strength to outrun their impending doom?


"A fast-paced novel complete with compelling imagery that forms the backdrop for an iconic struggle involving mythical themes. Can't wait for Wibell's sequel!"

—  Issaura's Claws

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Guardians speaker vol 1 kindle cover dra
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Vol 9 eBook cover.jpg
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gs vol 2 kindle cover.jpg
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TGS Vol 10 ebook cover.jpeg
The UnderRealms ebook.jpg
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TGS Vol 3 kindle fiv89kew (6).jpg
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The Heart of Cintamani ebook.jpg
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TGS Vol 4 ebook cover.jpg
TGS Vol 8 ebook cover.jpg
TGS V12 eBook fiv89kew (14).jpg
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Stay tuned: New works are coming in the near future.

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