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The Djed Chronicles

Twelve Worlds. Two Opposing Forces. One Prophesied Hero.


The Djed Chronicles is a young adult series set in a vibrant universe containing twelve magicked worlds. Each is filled with entities both powerful and mighty whose actions and reactions effect the precarious balance that sustains all life. Over the centuries, when the shadow of war threatens to destroy the universe, a single individual has appeared to challenge the dark forces. Although these warriors, known simply as Djed, have succeeded in the past, there is no guarantee of success in the future.


No one knows how the Djed are chosen or by whom. They always appear on one of the magicked worlds without warning, always from a world that does not host magic. What is known that the next Djed is prophesied to be a child from Earth. Thirteen-year-old Katie must accomplish twelve difficult and dangerous tasks to prove she is the next Djed and, if acclaimed, accept a daunting challenge.

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