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Interview Opportunities for Authors

Katharine E. Wibell has two interview opportunities for authors. The first is a written questionnaire that will be posted onto her website’ blog then shared to her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads and Medium.


The second opportunity is participating in one of her Author Chats through TikTok LIVE. These talks last for an hour and allow both authors to discuss their books, writing and marketing. After the LIVE ends, Wibell will add it to her YouTube channel and cross promote it on her social media outlets. She will also add her co-host’s website and social media platforms in the YouTube content. PLEASE NOTE that participating authors must have at minimum 1000 followers to be able to access the TikTok LIVE function on that platform. 


If you are interested in participating in one or both opportunities, please contact her and let her know. She will then either send you the questionnaire and/or arrange for a LIVE interview date. One last thing to note, Wibell does schedule these opportunities well in advance so be prepared to plan one (or both) several months ahead of time. 

Want to be interviewed?



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