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What's happening with all the books? 



New Book Release!


The Heart of Cintamani: Book Four of The Djed Chronicles is now available!

Return to the magical multiverse for all new adventures and quests! 

Grab your copy HERE

Newest Audiobooks: The Vargarian Sire AND Issaura's Claws are now available 

You can now listen to The Vargarian Sire: Book Two of The Djed Chronicles and explore the magical multiverse today! Grab your audible copy HERE

Issaura's Claws: Book One of The Incarn Saga has also been released in its audiobook format. This one is a full voice cast with music and sound effects. Grab your audible HERE or pick up a copy through my website's bookshop HERE


The Guardian's Speaker Omnibus: Volumes 9-12
is now Available! 

You can get your print and eBook formats HERE


Upcoming Events:

Multiverese Con: Oct. 18-20th 2024 (Atlanta)

DragonCon: Aug. 29th - Sept. 2nd 2024 (Atlanta)

Author Nation: Nov. 11th - 15rh 2024 (Vegas)


The Djed Chronicles is will soon be an AR Game!


You can now explore the magical multiverse of The Djed Chronicles as an augmented reality game! In partnership with Melderverse, players can explore new realities, attempt mini-quests, and try to become the hero known as the Djed! 


Learn more NOW!


You can now find Issaura's Claws on IMDB! Check out the page HERE


Want a Signed or Personalized copy?

Now you can. Learn more HERE today! 



How Social are you? 


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Facebook Page:


Instagram: @katharineewibell

Twitter: @KatharineWibell

YouTube: Katharine Wibell

TikTok: @KatharineEWibell



Award Recognition

The UnderRealms won: 2024 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist for Young Adult Fiction

The Twelve Tasks won: Spring 2024 The Book Best First Place for Young Adult Fantasy - Dragons and Mythical Creatures

Issaura's Claws 2022 Amazon Bestseller in the following categories:

           USA Teen & Young Adult War & Military Fiction eBooks

           USA Teen & Young Adult Norse Myths & Legends eBooks

           UK Teen & Young Adult Military Historical Fiction -- the last one I can't explain.

The Vargarian Sire won: 2022 GIAYA Awards for Young Adult Books

The Twelve Tasks won: 2021 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards for Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi

The Guardian's Speaker Volume One: 2021 Finalist International Book Awards for Fiction Novella

Giahem's Talons won: 2020 Dan Poynter's Global Ebook Award Silver Winner for Young Adult Fiction

Giahem's Talons won: April 2020 Literary Titan Five Star Book Award

Crocotta's Hackles won: 2020 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist for New Adult Fiction

Crocotta's Hackles won: 2019 Dan Poynter's Global Ebook Award Gold Winner for New Adult Fiction 

Crocotta's Hackles won: January 2020 Literary Titan Five Star Book Award 

Ullr's Fangs won: 2019 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist for New Adult Fiction 

Ullr's Fangs won: November 2019 Gold Metal Award Literary Titan Award

Issaura's Claws won: 2018 New Apple Book Awards Solo Medalist Winner for E-Book Children's/Young Adult

Issaura's Claws won the best 2018 Fantasy/Paranormal Fiction by Epic eBook Awards

Issaura's Claws won Gold for the 2018 Global eBook Awards for Young Adult Fiction!

Issaura's Claws won 2nd place for the 2018 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction eBook



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