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Dreamer.  Creator.  Believer.



I am epic fantasy author, Katharine E. Wibell. Though there are many other ways you might describe me—artist, nerd, promoter, extrovert, and speaker—author is one of my favorite roles. From an incredibly young age, I have woven stories. I used to create make-believe characters for every toy that my sister and I owned. Each had an individual personality, back-story, hopes, dreams, and a reason for being. The villains were even more intriguing than the heroes and heroines. Why were they so evil? Had something horrible happened to them in their past? How were they connected to their victims? But enough of teddy bears and beanie babies!


Over the years, my passions grew in number from becoming a licensed wildlife rehabilitator to a competitive archer. Today, I focus most of my energies on my writing and pet portraiture career. Have you ever heard of reverse glass painting? I absolutely love that technique! You can see all my art on my artist website:


But you are here, and this website highlights books! My first novel, Issaura’s Claws, was published in 2016. Soon, three more books completed this fast-moving, new adult shifter fantasy. Next, I began to publish The Djed Chronicles, a noble bright YA series. The UnderRealms, the third book in this portal fantasy series, was released this Spring. Guess what? This series is heavily inspired by the multiverse my sister and I developed during our imaginary play when we were children. For adult readers, I am simultaneously publishing The Guardian’s Speaker—a dark Viking fantasy and retelling of Nordic myth in the nine realms that exist around Yggdrasil, the world tree. The nerd in me spent years researching, reading source material and sagas, learning a bit of the language, reading runes, and acquiring Viking reproductions of weapons and other items. The result is ten currently available novellas with two more slated for 2023. Books in all three series have garnered awards and recognition including two second-place winners in the Children's Moonbeam Book Awards, a first prize in the Epic eBook Awards, a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards, and several Best-Selling ribbons in Amazon categories.


I am active on a variety of socials including FB, IG, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. My books are available in print, eBook, and audible formats. In fact, George Blagden, English stage and film actor who played Athelstan in the television series Vikings, approached me and is the narrator for The Guardian’s Speaker. No pun intended, but I get a kick out of running Kickstarter campaigns and creating special rewards for fans.


Each week, I host hour-long live chats with fellow authors on #BookTok, the bookish community on TikTok, where peers, readers, and future writers discover and learn more about authors, writing, and the world of publishing. My VIP readers group on Facebook and I have had a lot of fun creating new, monstrous creatures for an upcoming book series. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to be a presenter on a number of panels at DragonCon, one of the nation’s largest conventions for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, art and more!

You never know where a book will take you. The Djed Chronicles portal fantasy series will come to life as an epic augmented reality game in partnership with Melderverse, an upcoming social, gaming, and e-commerce platform utilizing augmented reality, virtual reality, and Web3 technology! Since I am also an artist, I am creating and hand-painting specialty TTRPG miniatures based on book characters along with developing accompanying game material to allow other people to enjoy these amazing characters through an entirely different means.

In my free time, I love kayaking, hiking, brewing mead, reading other authors’ work, and hanging out with my husband and Odin, our Irish wolfhound.



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