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The Guardian's Speaker

Gifted or cursed, Líf was born with the ability to see each person’s fylgja, an animal-shaped guardian spirit. She is used to being shunned and avoided. She is used to underhanded slurs and foul looks, for her innate talent is as unnatural as it is unique. At least, until the day she discovers another….


Set against the rich and brutal backdrop of Nordic myth, The Guardian’s Speaker is an adult novella series which serves as a dark odyssey through the nine realms that exist around Yggdrasil, the world tree. The people are as harsh and cold as the climate that has shaped them. Those who wish to survive must fight for that right or strive to die honorably in that attempt.

Guardians speaker vol 1 kindle cover dra
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George Blagden, English stage and film actor who played Athelstan in the television series Vikings, is the narrator for The Guardian's Speaker series.

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