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Realm of The Djed 

Fulfill Quests. Explore Worlds. Become a Hero. 


The Djed Chronicles portal fantasy book series will come to life as an epic augmented reality game in partnership with Melderverse, an upcoming social, gaming, and e-commerce platform utilizing augmented reality, virtual reality, and Web3 technology!

So what’s this game all about?


The Realm of the Djed will be an immersive RPG game that combines physical and digital worlds using AR technology. Players will strive to complete tasks and mini-quests as well as explore various realities inspired by my book series, The Djed Chronicles. You will become the protagonist and navigate through a myriad of vibrant worlds to prove that you are the prophesied hero known as the Djed. Players will earn items, craft materials, decipher puzzles, and receive various magical abilities through the gameplay! The Realm of the Djed game will be accessible on both Web and Mobile (iOS and Android).


Think about it. A multiverse in the palm of your hands!

Offical icons TRoTD Mar 14 23.png

Take advantage of the Early Bird Package that includes exclusive items, lifetime benefits, and a stash of Meldercoins for only $19.99. 

Get it before the offer expires!

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Djed Bday Announcement.png
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Want to read the books first or learn more about the entire series? 

You can enjoy The Djed Chronicles starting with The Twelve Tasks  today! 

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