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The UnderRealms


A spreading curse. Dark deeds. Secrets begetting secrets.

When fifteen-year-old Katie last left the magicked worlds for Earth, she did so despite knowing that her two worst adversaries had formed an alliance. Although there had been no choice if she hoped to see her family again, the passage of time has given rise to far-reaching problems.

What plots have been devised by the foes who adamantly oppose her role as Djed, the prophesied savior of the universe? Can she rally the undecided populace on the twelve planets and secure allies before the impending war? And where are those who serve as advisors and mentors; why aren’t they here?

Under the surface of these obstacles, an undercurrent of evil is stirring. The path set before Katie is choked with lies and deceit. Worse, someone is stalking her wherever she travels. Can she successfully navigate her role as Djed, or will she lose her way and choose a path that leads to far darker outcomes.


The Djed Chronicles follows Katie over her teenage years as she confronts dark forces and discovers that the right choices are not always apparent and wrong choices can have deadly consequences.

The UnderRealms

The Djed Chronicles Book Three

ISBN-13: 978-1-957796-14-7


The UnderRealms


I want to thank all the supporters of this book including Ellen Pilcher and Katherine Shipman! I am eternally grateful for you.


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Reviewed by Miche Arendse for Readers’ Favorite

The UnderRealms by Katharine E. Wibell follows the tale of Katie, a seemingly ordinary teenager; however, that’s only when she’s on Earth. Katie is the Djed, the prophesied savior meant to keep the balance between the twelve magickal worlds. Katie must attempt to rally allies from all twelve worlds to face two foes from the past before the arrival of the Great War.

The author presented a well-thought-out and intricate universe and many charismatic characters. Wibell did a great job, and considering this was the third book, I had no trouble reading it as a stand-alone. All the bases were covered regarding how the universe works and Katie’s role and motives. The progression and pacing were right as I eased into Katie’s journey through the magickal worlds. Gullfaxi was my favorite because not only was he such a good supporting character, but he was a sassy steed and brought humor into the story. I found myself clutching my stomach with laughter when he first appeared, and it was a scene that will stick with me.

The fantastical world that is The UnderRealms by Katharine E. Wibell left me wanting nothing. I was not expecting to enjoy The UnderRealms as much as I did, but I’m glad I chose this book. I also thought the cover was beautiful.

Another Great Read

Reviewed by H. Dale on 04/08/23

5.0 out of 5 stars 

This was the first book I read in this series. I now can't wait to go back and read what I missed as I await any future books to this series. Katharine Wibell does not disappoint in the telling of her stories. Under the Realms grabbed my attention with her varied characters and magicked worlds. I enjoyed seeing Katie and Thomas grow in their wisdom. Learning about and loving the creatures that dwell in the worlds and realms of magic and the life of the Djed. All I can say is wow. This is a great read for young adults and adults who think they are young. Thanks again For a great read!!

Another Great Book

Reviewed by Kathryn on 03/23/23

5.0 out of 5 stars

This was another great book by Katharine E. Wibell, it worked well with the rest of the series. It was what I was looking for in the Djed Chronicles series, it had the same great concept and worked with this universe. The characters were just as strong and they had what I enjoyed. It left me excited to read more in this series and from the author.

"Moreover, ever since she had arrived on these magicked planets, she had come in contact with a number of frightful entities. Some were creatures straight out of bad dreams and others, nightmares. Yet, if these nagas were on Professor Arsim’s list, then they had to be intelligent. And if they were intelligent, she could communicate with them. If she could reason with their race, then they were not monsters, no matter what they looked like. So what if they were snakes. She been born in the year of the snake; didn’t that make them her totem animal or something?"

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