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The Vargarian Sire


The Twelve Tasks have been completed. The title of Djed, the prophesied savior of the universe, has been claimed. Such an auspicious role will require countless hours of careful study and weapons training, but for Katie, the fourteen-year-old Child of Earth, time has run out.

Unnatural events have brought death and destruction to the magicked worlds. Without warning, one seals itself off. Vicious entities from an unknown realm ravage another. A strange illness afflicts the innocent on a third. Has the Great War begun?

The Djed must eradicate the malevolent power that threatens all existence; yet what can Katie—unskilled and untrained—do to prevent calamity? Like the relentlessly turning gears of a watch, an unspeakable evil is rising, and there is no time for her to prepare.


The Djed Chronicles follows Katie over her teenage years as she confronts dark forces and discovers that the right choices are not always apparent and wrong choices can have deadly consequences.

The Vargarian Sire

The Djed Chronicles Book Two

ISBN-13: 978-1-7363947-5-5



2022 GAIYA (Georgia Independent Author of the Year Awards) for Best Young Adult Book

The Vargarian Sire Awards

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Reviewed By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

The Vargarian Sire: Book Two of The Djed Chronicles by Katharine E. Wibell is a wonderful and compelling fantasy adventure that keenly follows the events of the first installment. A year after the Twelve Tasks have been completed, Katie returns to Earth after having proven herself to be the Djed and is now regarded with the highest level of respect. But such reverence entails a demanding exchange: A new Djed means war and the inevitable loss of lives. This Katie realizes as she is pulled back to Wect to solve a mystery that is killing worlds and bringing monsters through gateways. Danger is always present when beings from one world travel to another. A new Djed who is still in training, Katie will be pressed for time while it is essential that she accomplishes the task. She must come to see the reasoning behind rules as her choices will affect everyone around her.

The Vargarian Sire is treading the right path—vibrant characterization balanced with remarkable twists and turns in its plotting without pushing supernatural elements too far. It remains character-driven because Katharine E. Wibell is well-equipped with a map and doesn’t get lost in the fantasy world that she has created. Katie is not just trying to fulfill what is expected of her as a Djed; she is trying to keep the twelve worlds intact. If there are any social or political messages in this story, it is up to you to judge based on Katie’s dealings and interactions with other fascinating characters. One of the many things I loved about this book is the intricacy of the storyline that is not difficult to follow. Again, Wibell knows her way around her world. This is in all aspects a great fantasy read. You can enjoy it on a pure adventure level and it is likely you will include it in your recommended readings.

Great continuation of the series!

Reviewed by Soulimpression on 12/11/21

5.0 out of 5 stars 

The Djed has been chosen. Now the worlds need saving. Katie may be the Djed, but that doesn’t mean she knows what she’s doing, does it? She needs more training but instead she’s right back in the game trying to figure out who to trust and what her next move should be. The worlds are in peril and they need a saviour.

I really enjoyed this second instalment in the Djed Chronicles. It’s a fast paced adventure fantasy and perfect for young adult readers! Although I also loved it and I’m 28. The stakes are high as Katie takes on evil forces. There are lots of twists and I didn’t expect the outcome. I really enjoy the worlds of this story and the mythology behind them. This book is well written and definitely a fun read!

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