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The Heart of Cintamani


A Multiverse-Ending Artifact. Gladiatorial Monster Combat. Plans of War.


Sixteen-year-old Katie, having returned to the magicked worlds from Earth, is thrust into a dire situation. The enemy is believed to be in possession of a potentially catastrophic weapon. As Djed, the prophesied savior, Katie embarks on a relentless quest to uncover the looming threat. However, every avenue she explores leads to frustrating dead ends, and even those she considered to be her friends have disappeared or turned their backs on her.

Amidst these turbulent times, sinister events unfold. A mysterious tournament emerges as her only lead, yet ominous warnings surround any attempts to delve deeper. Various realms conspire to instigate upheavals, challenging the established order. Throughout this chaos, Katie grapples with doubts about her legitimacy as Djed. If she is not the true savior, what consequences might her actions unleash? Will the mysteries be unraveled and balance restored, or will the magical multiverse be destroyed?


The Djed Chronicles follows Katie over her teenage years as she confronts dark forces and discovers that the right choices are not always apparent and wrong choices can have deadly consequences.

The Heart of Cintamani

The Djed Chronicles Book Four

ISBN-13: 978-1957796253



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