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Science Fantasy and Dartanyan Johnson

1) Let’s get to know each other. What is your Author name; use your Pen name if you have one.

My author name is Dartanyan Johnson. I DO have a pen name, but it’s a secret for now.

2) What is your genre and what drew you to it?

I write Science Fiction (Space Opera) and Fantasy (Paranormal Dark Fantasy). My Science Fiction has fantastical elements in it, so I guess that would be Science Fantasy. I love magic and elves, and I love the universe and all the possibilities of life outside of Earth. Why not put them all together?

3) How far along are you on your current work-in-progress?

I have a few projects, actually. I’m writing a romance with another author. That will be released under my pen name near the end of this year, 2023. I have an anthology that’s to be released this August that I only barely, and two novels that won’t come out ‘til next year: One novel is the fourth book in my Space Opera series, and the other is for a new series (Paranormal Dark Fantasy), that follows an elven girl who might be the only person who can destroy a dark force that’s threatening the four elven kingdoms.

4) Do you prefer writing dialogue, action or other scenes?

It used to be ALL ACTION...but I’ve added dialogue to the mix. I enjoy telling stories through dialogue. Also, dialogue is a great way—maybe the best way—to show people’s personalities.

5) How did you come up with your cover design?

I originally had a cover for the first book in my Crystal of Life Series that didn’t speak the genre. It’s a Space Opera, but the cover said Epic Fantasy. So, I went on the hunt for a graphic designer. Eventually, I found a comic book illustrator whose style complemented my story. I let him know what I was looking for and he made magic happen!

6) What is your favorite way to connect with readers?

Right now, it’s social media...specifically TikTok. Hopefully I can get some engagement with my newsletter people, but that’s not happening at the moment.

7) Did you ever feel like giving up? If so, how did you overcome that?

No. I think I’m too early in the game. The only time I feel slightly discouraged is after I see what my editor has done to my manuscript.

8) What is your favorite part about being a writer?

I love being able to create new worlds with interesting people and civilizations—to escape and form bonds with fictional characters.

9) How many books do you try to read each year?

My goal is 75 a year. I met it last year, but not the year before that.

10) Which book villain would be the hardest to defeat?

In any book? That’s a hard one. It would have to be a villain with political power and support. Someone like Sheev Palpatine, Emperor of the First Galactic Empire in Star Wars, would be difficult to defeat because he has nations of like-minded people behind him.

11) If you could take one item out of any book that you have ever read, what would it be or why?

Hmm...this one is tough. The first thing I thought of was a lightsaber, but having something like that could get me into trouble. It would likely be an item that could send me to the future for a short period. Wouldn’t it be crazy if I went to the future and the entire planet was controlled by aliens...and I’d have to go back to my own time to prevent them from taking over the world? Wouldn’t it be even crazier if I kept it a secret, or spread false information, to ensure that they rule? 😮

12) If you had to write in any other genre, what would that be and why?

If I couldn’t write Science Fiction or Fantasy, I’d probably write Literary Fiction. I love writing about people’s lives and the hardships we face as we try to figure out who we are.

13) What is the name of your book/series? Tell me a little bit about them.

Escaping Altetza is the book that starts my Crystal of Life Series. It’s a prequel novelette about a young woman named Lendelam, who is tired of the way her mixed-blood kin are treated by the pure-bloods and the royal family. Trapped inside of a black mask is her oldest living ancestor, Tenma. The royal family has been using Tenma as a device to keep the mixed-bloods and the pure-bloods divided, but with a few of her friends, Lendelam is planning to remedy that. So far, there are four books in the series, including the prequel, with Crestahn Kingdom being the official book one.

14) Do you have a website? If so, what is it?

I sure do.

15) Where can we find and follow you?

I’m most active on TikTok: @author3djohnson, but I’m also on Instagram and Facebook: Author3DJohnson or just type in Dartanyan Johnson. I should pop right up. You can follow me on my Amazon and Goodreads author pages as well!

16) Is there anything important that you would want my readers to know about you?

My characters are real people. They laugh, they cry, they have wants and desires. They put their lives on the line for the people they cherish. Sometimes they save the day, and other times they do not. Though my heart isn’t always happy with the relationships that are torn apart, I write what the story needs.


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