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My dual occupations are artist and author. As an artist, I definitely consider myself a visual person. When creating paintings, I like to have similar photos nearby on which to base my images. My art would be far less detailed without them. Oddly, for my writing, I have never needed such aid. Words, descriptions, characters, and places seem to manifest out of the ether.

However, I understand the value of visuals when writing. This is why I created a Pinterest account to compliment my books. I hope to create boards for every character, major city, fort or training camp, and -- of course -- the Raiders themselves. Here you will learn about each person from pictorial examples of their body types, eye colors, physical possessions, pets and so much more.

I realize that each reader develops their own idea of such things, but as the author, I like sharing with you how the artist in me envisions the many facets of my stories. Although I believe using one’s imagination is the best way to visualize what you are reading, sometimes a picture really does say more than a thousand words!

Check me out at or by clicking any of the Pinterest Icons on my blog page.

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