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Readers often tell me that they only need a page or two to decide that my series like The Incarn Saga is for them.  And good news - I'm running a special offers at the moment. Currently, you can fill your eReader with the entire boxed set of The Incarn Saga and the first boxed set of The Guardian's Speaker novellas at a discounted prices!


Destany beckons. A young shifter answers…

Welcome to the Kingdom of Elysia where certain beings are born with the gift to change into animal forms, royalty reigns supreme, and belief in an ancient religion persists.


A war is brewing in the lands beyond the ocean. After several seaside villages are ravaged, a draft is implemented, and seventeen-year-old Lluava answers the call to defend the threatened kingdom. She will leave her family and the small village that is home to face an uncertain future. But first, she must survive the unabashed sexism and racism that has tormented her throughout her life. For Lluava is a Theriomorph, the native race of shifters that has long since bent a knee to mankind. And the beast within her thirsts for blood.

Combined Price: $17.96

Special Offer: $9.99

Savings: 44%

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For Líf, her ability to see each person’s guardian spirit had always been a double-edged sword.

She hated drawing attention to herself, especially by those who thought her mad, and yearned for a quiet life. That is until another upended her world. This man brought with him the warning of an invisible plague that would destroy their race and claimed that he was the only person who could prevent it, for like Líf, he also had an unexplainable gift. The problem was that he was a slave. And he was not hers to free…

Set against the rich and brutal backdrop of Nordic myth, The Guardian’s Speaker Volumes 1 – 4 are the first part of an adult novella series which serves as a dark odyssey through the nine realms that exist around Yggdrasil, the world tree. The people are as harsh and cold as the climate that has shaped them. Those who wish to survive must fight for that right or strive to die honorably in that attempt.

Combined Price: $11.96

Special Offer: $9.99

Savings: 20%

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