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Buyers will not only receive a signed copies of the first three novels in this award-winning, YA fantasy series but can also have them personalized for the recipient.


In addition, you will receive:

1 Handpainted TTRPG miniature of Katie of Earth

1 Character Sheet for DnD

1 Specialty Subclass Sheet for DnD


1 set of stickers


These books are sold in their glossy paperback formats; if interested in eBooks, you can find them on Amazon. Matte Hardcover versions are available through this shop.


Please note that all authors appreciate honest feedback in the form of a review on Amazon, Goodreads, & BookBub.


Happy reading!

DnD Book Box: The Djed Chronicles Paperback Edition

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  • The Twelve Tasks:

    Twelve worlds. Two opposing forces. One prophesied Hero.

    The precarious balance between two opposing forces has begun to shift and threatens the very existence of life throughout the universe. Only the Djed--the prophesied savior--has a chance of thwarting a catastrophe that could destroy the cosmos. And the next Djed is predicted to be a child of Earth.

    Katie awakens on a world far from her own, a world bound in magic, one of twelve that hosts entities of vast power and might. She is suspected to be that savior. However, to be acclaimed Djed, difficult and dangerous tasks, one on each of the magicked worlds, must be completed. Katie and a menagerie of misfit companions--a precocious witch, a half-blood elf, and a humanoid pup--work together to discover her fate. If proven true, a terrible burden will be placed upon her, one that will link her destiny with war, a war led by a thirteen-year-old girl.

    The Vargarian Sire:

    A web of deception. Ill-fated choices. Worlds in the balance.

    The Twelve Tasks have been completed. The title of Djed, the prophesied savior of the universe, has been claimed. Such an auspicious role will require countless hours of careful study and weapons training, but for Katie, the fourteen-year-old Child of Earth, time has run out.

    Unnatural events have brought death and destruction to the magicked worlds. Without warning, one seals itself off. Vicious entities from an unknown realm ravage another. A strange illness afflicts the innocent on a third. Has the Great War begun?

    The Djed must eradicate the malevolent power that threatens all existence; yet what can Katie—unskilled and untrained—do to prevent calamity? Like the relentlessly turning gears of a watch, an unspeakable evil is rising, and there is no time for her to prepare.

    The UnderRealms

    A spreading curse. Dark deeds. Secrets begetting secrets.

    When fifteen-year-old Katie last left the magicked worlds for Earth, she did so despite knowing that her two worst adversaries had formed an alliance. Although there had been no choice if she hoped to see her family again, the passage of time has given rise to far-reaching problems.

    What plots have been devised by the foes who adamantly oppose her role as Djed, the prophesied savior of the universe? Can she rally the undecided populace on the twelve planets and secure allies before the impending war? And where are those who serve as advisors and mentors; why aren’t they here?

    Under the surface of these obstacles, an undercurrent of evil is stirring. The path set before Katie is choked with lies and deceit. Worse, someone is stalking her wherever she travels. Can she successfully navigate her role as Djed, or will she lose her way and choose a path that leads to far darker outcomes.


    The Djed Chronicles follows Katie over her teenage years as she confronts dark forces and discovers that the right choices are not always apparent and wrong choices can have deadly consequences.  

  • Please note there is a $8 shipping fee for buyers in the United States and a $65 fee is shipped out of the country. This extra expense is what the USPS currently charges for shipping overseas. 

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