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Scarred Beauty

1)    Let’s start with the basics. What is your author name and/or pen name?


Jennifer Silverwood


2)    What is your genre and what drew you to it?


Thanks so much for having me on your blog today! Fantasy is my primary genre, though I have dabbled a bit in sci-fi and romance. But I always come back to my first love eventually. I believe we’re profoundly shaped by the books we read as children, and though I started reading historical fiction as well from a young age, fantasy novels have always been my happy place.



3)     What is the best time of day for you to write?


Once upon a time, I wrote late into the night. Now that I’m a mother to young kids, I squeeze writing time in whenever I can. Often, that means I’m writing on apps on my phone, or on my tablet while waiting in line to pick up my oldest kid from school. It’s harder to write spontaneously rather than making a habit, but being a parent means I’ve become adaptable by necessity. 😊



4)     Which character of yours is your favorite and why?


Vynasha is my favorite character I’ve written, and I’m not just saying that because we’re talking about Scarred Beauty today. She’s always been a bit more complex, broken, and morally gray than most of my other characters. (Though I could argue many characters in Wylder Tales share that shades-of-gray trait…) But I really love the journey Vynasha goes on and how she finds herself along the way.



5)     Which character of yours was the most challenging to write and why?


Balos was my most challenging character to write in Scarred Beauty, hands down! For those of you who haven’t met him yet, he’s the alpha wolf shifter in the village Vynasha finds refuge in at the end of Craving Beauty. From the very start, he’s not happy about Vynasha’s presence in the hidden village, worried she’ll bring down the cursed beasts from the castle on them. He’s not wrong. I found him the most challenging because we are viewing him from the perspectives of Vynasha and Ceddrych. Each character has vastly different experiences with him, and preconceptions. But as the “architect” I know Balos has a lot of hidden motivations. The biggest challenge was showing those little hints to the reader but giving him the right balance.



6)     Do you attend writing conferences? If so, which ones?


Confession! I have never attended an in-person writer’s conference. Why? Besides the funds needed to travel and attend, I’m a mom living in the middle-of-nowhere, Texas. Getting to a major city takes at least an hour, and, well, you get the picture. But, I have virtually attended a couple of different conferences, namely the Women in Publishing conference and a couple mini-conferences put on by the Creative Academy for Writers. I’d love to make it Inkers Con one day, however! But I have to say, I’ve fallen a bit away from conferences and enjoy listening to writing podcasts even more these days. My current favorite is: Writing About Dragons and Sh!t. The three co-hosts are some of the most knowledgeable folks I’ve ever heard deep-dive into writing craft.



7)     Was there a pivotal point or experience that impacted your decision to take writing seriously?


We all have our “origin story.” Mine centered around my Grandpa. A true Renaissance man, Grandpa never found a hobby, craft, or skill he wasn’t willing to fully learn and immerse himself in. This includes writing short stories and a genealogy editorial that lasted for several years. As soon as he learned I was writing stories as well, he gifted me his childhood typewriter and taught me how to use it (we didn’t have a computer yet). And he started to give me writing prompts he would then critique. He was my biggest supporter and critique partner for years until his death in my early 20’s. When he died, I wanted to make mine and his unrealized dream come true. That’s what threw my into publishing and turning my craft into a writing career.



8)     What is the most important bit of information you would want to tell a person interested in publishing a book?


If this is your first time, I’d highly encourage you to solely focus on finishing your book. If possible, write two books if you can, knowing that your first drafts will probably suck and need heavy editing. 😉 That’s normal and totally okay. While you create, read constantly, and listen to writing podcasts that tie into your prospective genre. Also, I’d also encourage you to start a blog of some kind, or a TikTok if that’s more your speed. Share your process and your journey with others and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You’re not alone, and there are fantastic resources for free that can help you along the way. It can be overwhelming if you start diving into how to publish when you’re still creating. So take things one step at a time.



9)     How many books do you try to read each year?


Before kids, I easily read between 80-100 per year. These days it’s a struggle to read paperbacks without my toddler crawling into my lap, and I’m lucky if I make it to 40. But I set my Goodreads challenge for 80 this year in the hopes I can finally catch up on all those kindle books that have been languishing in my library. Wish me luck!


10)   In your opinion, can a book series be too long?


YES. If a book series concludes their overarching story, and we’re set up for HEA, there is no reason to return to that series. That’s my opinion, at least. That said, it can be difficult when readers cotton on to a specific series or characters, and hard for writers to not write more in that series (especially if it’s making money). But I think it’s a bit like the Marvel Cinema-verse. After over twenty films (already overwhelming for the majority of us), they brought everything together into a final magnum opus literally called End Game. All the characters are pretty much say their goodbyes after defeating the ultimate big-bad of the universe. And the studio has struggled to keep people interested in the dozens of films/series they’ve attempted to push in the years since then. Maybe people are tired of superhero movies? Maybe we were all too emotionally strung out after End Game? Or maybe you’re the rare person who can’t get enough and is beyond pleased for new content? But I think there comes a point when a write should say “enough.” Let your characters rest and be open to creating a new world in the same or similar genre.



11)   If you could take one item out of any book that you have ever read, what would it be or why?


Can I pick two things?? Is that cheating? It’s a huge toss up between the literal book from The Neverending Story, and just about any wand from Harry Potter. As terrifying as falling into Fantasia would be, who wouldn’t want to explore the land of dreams? And if I’m going there, I’ll need a wand that can conjure anything. Of course, that’s assuming I could use magic…


12)   What was your favorite childhood book?


Again, I’m going to cheat and give you two answers, but these were equally easily my favorites from a very early age. Bruce Coville’s Into the Land of the Unicorns, and Robin McKinley’s Beauty. I borrowed both these books from the school library every chance I could get, until the glorious day I convinced my mom to buy me copies from the Scholastic Book Fair. They’re two of my favorite comfort reads to this day.


13)  Tell me a little about your book? Or possibly share your book’s blurb.

Scarred Beauty (Wylder Tales #2)

Genre: Fairytale/ Fantasy

Age category: Young Adult/ New Adult


When the Beast wakens, nothing will stop him from claiming his bride, even if it means destroying everyone she loves.


Vynasha is certain of two things: she is forever bound to the monster who loves her, and she can never return to Castle Bitterhelm again. Escape has come at a high cost, and though Vynasha freed the imprisoned beasts, she has awakened an ancient evil that now stalks her. For the curse is unfinished with the one the prophecy spoke of, and Grendel continues to haunt her dreams.


This time she won’t fight the oncoming darkness alone.


Ceddrych may not be her brother by blood, but their bond has only grown stronger. When the wolves they’ve found refuge with threaten them, Ceddrych and Vynasha must fight together to overcome enemies around them. Danger lurks at every corner, and only by playing the pack alpha’s games can they survive the winter.


One thing rings true in the waking world and her dreams: Grendel won’t sleep forever.


Only by claiming her powers can Vynasha protect her newfound family and prevent the ruination of Wylderland. A dark tale of enchantment and woe, perfect for fans of Margaret Rogerson and Holly Black, Scarred Beauty is the second installment of the epic Wylder Tales Series!


14)  Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?


Jennifer Silverwood has been involved in the publishing world since 2012 and is passionate about supporting the writing community however she can. After studying traditional art at university, she began helping Qamber Designs bring authors’ books to life. In real life, she’s a mom of two, a passionate reader, and an occasional artist. Jennifer is the author of three series—Wylder Tales, Heaven’s Edge Novellas, and the Borderlands Saga—and the stand-alone romance titles Stay and She Walks in Moonlight.


15)  Do you have a website? If so, what is it?



16)  Where else can people find and follow you?





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